Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Presenting My Couch Project in Front of My Fellow FFAR250 students

For our last FFAR250 class of the year Dr Mary Jo Thompson (MJ) requested in an email that some of her students share their art projects at the next lecture and stated in that email that the first 20 would be accepted. I replied the next day and when I heard nothing I assumed that I was too late. A number of days later I received a rejection email because I had responded to a "do not respond" email and resigned myself again to not presenting. My wife had a course that morning and bumped in to MJ and mentioned my story. MJ said that she had not even received her number of presenters and said I could do it. Without any presentation I went in front of the 200 or so students and gave a fast overview of my couch project in my ten allotted minutes by using my couch blog postings. It was surprising to me that the other students were not more excited to be able to share their projects with the others. When I mentioned this to other people they thought that it could be that the others were worried that their ideas may be stolen- there may be some logic to this, but too me that will happen whenever you get around to showing your work.